To love dance is to love the work of dance, the hours upon hours of physical practice guided by a steady, disciplined curiosity.  From this belief, class represents a space where students and teacher pose questions and propose observations that propel individual and collective investigations, not necessarily in the pursuit of answers, but in pursuit of inspiration and the continuity of learning.

Start with where you are.  Start with what is already in the room.  There is already so much there.  The work begins with honing in on our relationship with attention, sensation, action.  Let’s see what happens when we trust something novel will be revealed from a willingness to listen, surrender, then move.

The lineages of my own teachers have influenced my movement values for ease and fluency.  Acknowledging gravity as a playful partner, we aim to demonstrate clarity in the multi-directionality, dynamic qualities, and rhythms of the body.  These values underlie a bodily aesthetic that is able to access an expansive range in both thought and physical action.