Like You Mean It


Like You Mean It celebrates improvisation as a rigorous endeavor to initiate, build, transform, and interrupt emergent events in service to a collectively authored, unfolding dance.  Noelle Chun, Adriana Durant, and Annie Kloppenberg have been performing, teaching, and sharing their own vulnerability, physicality, and compositional approach to improvisation since 2007.

Past Performances
2012.  Colby College, Waterville ME
2010.  Beloit College, Beloit WI
2010.  Ohio University, Athens OH
2010.  Taffety Punk Theater, Washington DC
2009.  Epiphany Episcopal Church, Chicago IL
2009.  Green Street Studios, Boston MA
2009.  Minnesota Fringe Festival, Minneapolis MN
2009.  World Dance Alliance – University of Wisconsin, Madison WI
2008.  Ohio State University, Columbus OH