Dances with CoCo

I’m a girl from Hawaii who decided to make a life in Columbus, Ohio.  All the time I get, “Why?!” as if I’ve made some ill-informed decision to live in a land locked state with inclement weather.  I have fond memories of my time there. And while I’ve since moved to the Pacific Northwest, I still miss it.  CoCo is one of those reasons why I miss it so.

We have very different qualities in our dancing – someone once likened it to the properties of earth and air.  We once hypothesized our movement differences stemmed from impulse.  I would tend to initiate movement from instability (falling into), while she might prefer to generate movement from stability (grounding into).  Defining difference was never the pursuit because we arrive at the same destination even with separate routes.  So much of our work, research, play together has been based in the duet form.  We duet as teachers, performers, and friends, anything that reminds us that there’s more to our solo world-view.

Summer Sanctuary

Co-choreographed with CoCo Loupe
Ohio Statehouse

Wholehearted Attempt

Choreography by CoCo Loupe
Aside from the specificity of movement material, we were negotiating larger questions of performance such as, how do we sustain multiple layers of attention in such a fluid performance space?  How does our dance exist here and is there a level of engagement that has to happen for it to exist – for us, for them?


One single thing x two (to the nth degree)

Choreography by CoCo Loupe
Columbus Metropolitan Library