Here. We go.

A practice in presence.
The kickoff to something else.

Dance is an innate practice in empathy, particularly when you are dancing with others.  What does the dance look and feel like in their bodies, how does that inform the look and feel of the dance in my own body?  I started from this place of curiosity of what is it to be in the shoes of these vibrant dancers at this very moment in their lives?  What are their concerns?  What are their motivations in dance right now?

Here. We go.  is a not the answer to these questions, but a jumping off point.  It’s a reflection of what’s present and how that leads, entices, tricks us to the next moment, place, event.  There’s so much ahead for these young ladies, but they’ve got experience.  They have much to say and tell.

I knew I wanted to explore how we could build a sense of play to practice owning their individual voice, metaphorically and literally.  How do you structure dance making to empower someone to stray away from what they’re familiar with, to stay with what’s uncomfortable and see how that blossoms into something surprisingly brilliant?  Well, we play with blurring the lines between the informality of our interpersonal relationships and the formality of presenting how seriously we take our art.  And we play with tradition and breaking it. We don’t want to abolish our traditions that made us who we are, but we want to know what it is like to create our own ones too.

Performed at Dance Fremont
March 31, April 1, 7, & 8, 2017