Live in My Body


in this body
of this time
in this place.

I’m a sucker for a good beat. In syncopation, my pelvis drops, acquiescing to gravity, like a playful partner. The rest of my body responds by catching the weight at the bottom with the help the muscles, fascia, and bones I take for granted. On a cellular level, I galvanize energy towards action through the alchemy of pleasure. I meditate seriously, with the mantra – it’s just a dance.

Furiously happy arms and ooey gooey gestures
She dodges obstacles only she can see.
Hopping fences and sliding on tobagens
Her imagination is unleashed, but she is still grounded.

Live in my body began as an improvisational solo practice. I intentionally started with the very big and ambiguous question of what does it mean to live (inhabit) or be live (nowness) in my body? How do I as a performer locate a meditative, activated state in which I invite being seen? How do I as a choreographer simultaneously attend to composition and form? How do I balance or be playful with how these two intentions sometimes conflict with each other? I perform this practice.  I practice this practice.