Kick off to Velocity Dance Center’s 2015-2016 Season
Featuring durational installation of 30+ simultaneous performances
Installation Design: Tara Tamaribuchi Gibbs
Concept & Performance: Noelle Chun

Score: Over the course of 3 hours, demarcate the “end” of each improvised dance by transcription of a title (created by the performer or audience member) on a visible list.  Caveat(s): continue practice for all 3 hours without leaving space; consider other performers and stimuli in the space; pacing can be useful and not; there is nothing to demonstrate aside from the making of dances in real-time.

Artifact of selected dances:
Necessary Banana
Slow Motion Sandwich
Twister played on difficult
I lost at Twister
Backwards Inchworm
Where did I leave my microwave?
Getting up off the floor is a hard thing
Trash Rest
Shoulder Stevie
Knee Central

I Started to Read your Mail
Laying Down but not Taking it
Fad dances gone viral
Smashing feels so good
Where did the sun go?
Watching me watching you
Explosions, the small kind
Bird Shimmies
Stuck in Traffic with your Mom
Catch me please body please
It’s Getting Late
Body Singalong

Trans State
The Wall Hi-Fived Me
Embodied Tetris
Quintessential Hair Flip w/Bang Bang
You’re Bleeding
Circles til Vertigo
Sour is not the Taste you Want to be Left With