Hot Toddy for my Body

Rehearsal notes:

Physicalization of a FB thread
What does good natured antagonism look like?
Harlem globetrotters, book as basketball
Failed takeoffs
Paradox of attempting to be spontaneous with what you’re going to say, while declaring in the moment what action you plan on enacting
Change – how your body strategizes around exhausting all options
Loud/soft; low/high; active/passive
Words can make sense or nonsense of things
Language about language
How would you describe what cinnamon tastes like?
What kind of process generates novelty?
Karatefuckyou gestures

Hot Toddy for my Body was a quartet created from a 3-month residency at Studio Current in the Fall of 2014. The dance’s initial inquiry looked to ways of physicalizing ideas of ensemble.  When do individuals evolve into a group?  When does a group become an ensemble?  How do we fluidly move through these definitions of being and belonging in our own personal trajectories?  It similarly follows my pursuit in honoring the individual, but finding ways to collectively construct a new reality.  In this way of dance making, my aim is to research identity of the individual and collective, working within a framework of time and space to fulfill responsibility, assume/reject expectation, and question/articulate role.