Dust and Tulips

Dust and Tulips was a piece created for the GCAC fellowship concert in April 2013.  I think it appears rather somber – especially with our costumes, all black with coattails – but inside of it, feels strangely light and joyful.  A sort of resignation to sadness, but knowing that it can only last for a period of time.  I guess if I’m trying to assign meaning from/to the process, the timing of me leaving the community in Cbus, had something to do with it.  The title, “Dust and Tulips” was based off of images that Leigh and Caitlin helped me identify in terms of the juxtapositions of darkness/lightness(heaviness) and beginnings/endings. The process originally started with Leigh and CoCo, in which we were re-appropriating materials from past duet collaborations into a trio, building off of our “3 duets in a trio” piece that premiered at the Locality Dance Festival in 2012.  Unexpectedly, CoCo had to travel abroad and I invited Caitlin to fly out from Boston to help in the realization of the piece.  With some, but not all already existing material, we set it in a couple weekdays, and performed it that weekend.  Quite the whirlwind, but good practice in making decisions, throwing things away, and finding them again.