Adventures with CoCo

CoCo and I like to jump on trampolines…drink coffee…shoot the shit, well maybe not all three of those at the same time.  We go on a lot of adventures together in and out of the studio.  We’ve made countless sketches of dances and performed them throughout Columbus: theaters around town, some dude’s house, in the club!, and of course at Feverhead.  We have very different qualities in our dancing – someone once likened it to the properties of earth and air.  In one of our many dance geek conversations, we deduced our movement differences stemmed from impulse.  I would tend to initiate kinetic energy from instability (falling into), while she might prefer to generate movement from stability (grounding into).  No matter the diff, we find commonality together too, but don’t feel compelled to arrive in the same way.  So much of our work, research, play together has been based in the duet form.  We duet as teachers, performers, and friends, anything that reminds us that there’s more to our solo world-view.  Forget the academic agenda, it’s just a fucking blast dancing with her.

This is an iteration from a past piece of CoCo’s called Wholehearted Attempt.  Besides remembering the specificity of movement material, I feel like were exploring some fundamental ideas of performance – how do we sustain multiple layers of attention – to ourselves, each other, and other people who may or may not be watching.  I know that sounds elementary, but it brings up a lot of questions for me.  Can a dance exist without people to see it (or however an audience is defined these days)?  How does the presence of those people change the experience/essence of the dance for both performer/witness?  How might you want to prioritize those concerns?  Do I really want people to “Please leave us alone, when we’re dancing”?  Well maybe it depends.