one single thing x two (to the nth degree)

Original music by: Noah Demland

Once again I find myself in a duet process, though the piece, almost felt like an extended duet/trio with CoCo, the choreographer, as the navigator, providing verbal directives and cues during performance.  CoCo worked from the idea of Strands, the title of the curated art exhibition for CAW (Creative Artists of Women), shown at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in the Carnegie Gallery.

Strands of thought


color, conversation

memory, action!

and movement.


that entwine



rejoin, tangle,

d  i  s  s  o  l  v  e

and overlap overlap.

“The piece showed the connected and loving interaction between two women as they sorted strands, stepped through obstacles, and shared their journeys.”      -Pat Wynn Brown

An additional performance of one single thing x two (to the nth degree) at Independent’s Festival 2011 in downtown Columbus.