Summer Sanctuary

Summer Sanctuary is a new site-specific dance I co-choreographed in collaboration with 11 other local, independent artists including CoCo Loupe (choreographer), Noah Demland (composer), and Helma Groot (costume designer).  With momentum from the Feverhead endeavor, this project seemed to similarly originate out of a need and desire to locate and share with community, but this time in a much more exposed public arena—with the downtown, suited lunch crowd.

The landscape of the performance area inhabits and references the majestic architecture of tall, reflective skyscrapers, moving vehicles and the massive columns of the Statehouse itself. An eclectic auditory environment of passing conversations, grinding engines, and the occasional police siren also fill the space. Framed centrally, an expansive lawn and center walkway lend an invitation for all to approach the grounds.  It is overwhelming to take in all of the stimuli, but at the same time, all of the detail gets blurred and muffled in the density of what surrounds us. A lovely place for an afternoon daydream.