A Duet

Looking back at the past 4 years of dance making, I realize I’ve been deeply invested in the duet form, performing in, and co-choreographing 3 evening length duets.  Being in duet subverts my usual choreographic detachment of seeing and making from the outside.  How do you identify and shape structures that are deeply felt, but not necessarily seen?  I gravitate to duets because of its potential for and honoring of relationship or interpersonal histories.  Choreographing duet becomes the discovery of how partnership sustains in time and space beyond the performance of it.

The first iteration of the duet was simply titled A Duet performed at COPE: Japan Fundraiser at BalletMet Performance Space in April 2011.  To invent movement, we utilized verbal language around terrain and an ever-evolving landscape – change on such a large scale that over a brief period of time the change is imperceptible, but over a lengthy period of time the change is self-defining.

A second showing of A Duet was shown at the 8th annual Agora Art Festival at Junctionview Studios in May 2011.  Site specific concerns came into play.  How would we refit the duet for a small, concrete box?  Somewhere not distinctly here nor there.

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